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Zhengzhou Wanglou Special Cement Industry Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001:2000 quality management system certified company, a member of the China Standardization Cement Technical Committee, a member of the China GRC Association, and a member of the China Admixture Association.

  • 1992


    The company was founded in 1992

  • 160

    Many acres

    Covers an area of more than 160 acres

  • 30

    Ten thousand tons

    Annual production capacity of special cement is 300,000 tons

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Water glass type-acid resistant special cement
Water glass type acid-resistant cement is a kind of powdery material made by using high-grade acid-resistant materials and hardeners to grind together or separately in an appropriate proportion. It can be widely used in the lining and foundation of anticorrosive equipment that is acidic after partial hydrolysis of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and other salts. Equipment for lining of acid-resistant ceramic slabs, caulking materials for buildings and acid-resistant anticorrosive layers (ground surface, pool, tank, acid drainage ditch) and cementing materials of buildings, and can also be used to prepare acid-resistant mortar and acid-resistant concrete.
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ZWSA double fast special cement
ZWSA dual fast cement is a new technical product developed by our company's technical staff under the guidance of experts from the China Academy of Building Materials Science. Its characteristics are short setting time, fast hardness, 3 hours strength not less than 20MPa, strong adhesion to the base layer, no shrinkage, no fall off, and maintain the late strength without shrinking. Mainly to meet the needs of construction projects such as emergency repair, anchoring and preparation of grouting material, and anchoring and spraying materials.
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2020 -11

Facing the upcoming new heating season, the livelihood heating project of Zhengzhou Wanglou Cement Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to improve the system, innovate technologies, strengthen services, and improve quality. I believe that under the leadership of government departments at all levels, we will surely fight the tough battle for heating this winter with more enthusiasm, a proactive attitude, and a belief in dedication, and take practical actions to "make customers satisfied, let the government rest assured, Social identification".


2018 -05

[Preface] "Environment is people's livelihood, green mountains are beauty, blue sky is happiness." It is the dream of every Chinese to have a beautiful home with blue sky, green ground and clean water. Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the protection of the ecological environment and frequently uses vivid remarks to explain. Xinhua News Agency’s "Learning in Progress" sorts out ten exquisite expositions of Xi Jinping’s ecological and environmental protection, and shares with you.


2020 -11

On May 16, the Information Office of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government held a press conference, inviting multiple departments to interpret the "Three-year Action Plan for Shaanxi Province's Iron Fist to Control Haze to Win the Blue Sky Defense War (2018-2020)" and "Shaanxi Province Iron Fist to Control Haze" Winning the blue sky defense battle in 2018 work points.


2018 -05

At the National Conference on Ecological Environment Protection, Xi Jinping emphasized that we must resolutely fight pollution prevention and control and promote the construction of ecological civilization to a new level.


2020 -07


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