Lnstructions For Use

1. Do not mix with other types of cement;

2. Do not use other admixtures at will without testing;

3. After demolding, it can be cured with water only after the strength has developed to a certain level. It is best to use film for curing.


1. During the use of this product, the sand and water must be pure and free of impurities, and must not be mixed with other types of cement.

2. When preparing other materials, the product should be tested again before being used.

3. The product should be stirred quickly and constructed in time during the mixing and use process. The cement mortar should not be mixed twice.


1. When using, dry-mix the acid-resistant powder and hardener for more than 2 minutes, and then add 38.2% water glass while stirring and wet for more than 3 minutes until it is uniform before use.

2. The specific gravity of the water glass used should be 1.38-1.45, and the modulus should be 2.6-3.0.

3. When using, the material temperature and operating equipment temperature should be controlled at 15 ℃-30 ℃

4. The surface of the container made of reinforced concrete, brick or stone that needs to be lined should be dry, pure and free of dirt. The surface of the unsolidified wiper should be cured in an environment with high humidity. Drying and washing with water and dilute acid are strictly prohibited. After solidification, it should be naturally cured for more than 14 days, or dried with a drying equipment at a temperature of about 60-10 0C for 2 days.

5. Under normal circumstances, sodium silicate acid-resistant cement is not resistant to alkali, dilute sulfuric acid and poor water resistance. It is not suitable for use in parts where salty media frequently interacts with dry and wet.