In order to adapt to market changes and meet user requirements, based on local high-quality bauxite, limestone, bituminous coal and other resource advantages, our company has been mainly engaged in the production of high-quality high-grade sulfoaluminate for many years under the personal guidance of relevant experts from the China Academy of Building Materials Science Salt series cement and aluminate series cement, and continue to develop other engineering materials that meet the needs of modern special projects, such as: ZWSA non-shrinkage ultra-high-strength grouting material, ZWSA ultra-high-strength road repair mortar, ZWSA ultra-high-strength sulphoaluminate cement , Aluminate and sulfoaluminate cement special hardening accelerator, ZWSA high-efficiency plugging agent, double fast cement, acid-resistant cement, ZWSA new anchoring agent and various expansion agent master batches. Through market operation, the quality is stable, the price is reasonable, and the reputation is good. The quality indicators of all products exceed the national standards and reach the advanced level of the industry. At present, our company is a backbone enterprise in the domestic production of sulphur and aluminum products, and is also a designated export enterprise by the National Building Materials Institute. The National Institute of Building Materials Sulphoaluminate series cement research and development experimental base, our company is the drafting and experimental unit of many national standards such as GB20472-2006 "Sulphoaluminate Cement". Our company's products are not only stable in the domestic market, but also well praised by customers from Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Britain and other foreign countries and Taiwan.