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Warmly celebrate the successful acceptance of Zhengzhou Wanglou Cement Industry Co., Ltd. in 2020!

Facing the upcoming new heating season, the livelihood heating project of Zhengzhou Wanglou Cement Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to improve the system, innovate technologies, strengthen services, and improve quality. I believe that under the leadership of government departments at all levels, we will surely fight the tough battle for heating this winter with more enthusiasm, a proactive attitude, and a belief in dedication, and take practical actions to "make customers satisfied, let the government rest assured, Social identification".


Do not forget to draw a blueprint at the beginning, keep in mind the mission and innovation industry!

Today is the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Since its establishment, our party has led the people of the whole country through the baptism of construction and reform, has gone through numerous setbacks and tests, and has achieved world-renowned achievements. It is the generations of Chinese Communists who keep in mind the party's discipline, dare to take responsibility, and have the courage to dedicate themselves that have enabled our party to last forever and stay young.


I'm the one for epidemic prevention Love and health Accompany

This April is the 32nd "Patriotic Health Month". After this new crown pneumonia epidemic, the importance of health and hygiene work has been further demonstrated. For this reason, the company cooperated with the Provincial Safety and Health Commission to hire experts and teachers to come to the company to carry out the "epidemic prevention. The publicity and education activities with the theme of "Going with Health" were reasonably arranged by the various departments of the company. Under the condition of ensuring normal production, all cadres and employees participated in the staff auditorium on time at 9 am on April 14.

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