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Project Director


No limit

1. Resolutely implement the company's work policies, decisions, plans and instructions. 2. Responsible for the overall leadership and management of each region, formulate work objectives, work plans and organize implementation. 3. Responsible for approving the staffing and formulating management plan according to the actual situation of the area and submitting it to the general manager's office for approval before organizing the implementation. 4. Responsible for formulating and organizing the implementation of the regional work plan, responsible for regular inspection and supervision, investigating and punishing violations and taking corrective measures to meet the prescribed standards. 5. Responsible for the preparation of monthly financial budget reports for the region, and implement them after being approved by the company, strictly control the expenditures of daily management expenses, and shall not impose random apportionments or arbitrary charges to business households. 6. ​​Responsible for handling complaints from business households to staff in the area, without delay or prevarication, and maintaining a good relationship with business households. 7. Responsible for mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees in the region, improving their professional quality, adhering to the tenet of "business households first, service first", and inspecting and urging all employees to perform their duties seriously. 8. Consciously accept the supervision of the owners and operators. 9. Maintain good relations with relevant government departments, and cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in safety precautions and family planning. 10. Organize a regular work meeting once a week to coordinate, summarize and arrange work in time.

project manager


No limit

1. After the project team is established, become the first person in charge of the project, responsible for the whole process of the project; 2. Responsible for communicating with customers externally, accurately understanding customer needs, and grasping the direction of consultation in general; 3. Coordinate project work content internally to ensure project quality, cost, schedule, and payment; 4. Guide the work of team members and promote the growth of the consulting team; 5. Complete various tasks required by the company on behalf of the project team; 6. To meet the company's business needs, carry out business promotion, internal training and other activities.

Company Clerk


No limit

(1) Complete the drafting and revision of related reports and manuscripts according to the requirements of the office leaders. Complete typing, copying and faxing, and deliver it to the leader in time or to the customer as required. (2) Do a good job in daily telephone reception. Complete written records and sorting out of administrative office meetings. (3) Complete the collection, sorting, roll-up, binding and filing of various documents. (4) Purchasing daily office supplies as required and keeping accounts in time. Manage the property accounts of the headquarter (low-value consumables, fixed assets). Do a good job in office equipment management and maintenance. (5) Do a good job of subscribing to the annual newspapers and magazines, sending and receiving daily newspapers and magazines and mail exchanges. (6) Do a good job of monthly attendance in the office and keep things well.
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