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How important is ecological protection, listen to what Xi Jinping said

[Preface] "Environment is people's livelihood, green mountains are beauty, blue sky is happiness." It is the dream of every Chinese to have a beautiful home with blue sky, green ground and clean water. Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the protection of the ecological environment and frequently uses vivid remarks to explain. Xinhua News Agency’s "Learning in Progress" sorts out ten exquisite expositions of Xi Jinping’s ecological and environmental protection, and shares with you.

In another area, from June 1st to August 31st, the cement plant was off-peak

On May 16, the Information Office of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government held a press conference, inviting multiple departments to interpret the "Three-year Action Plan for Shaanxi Province's Iron Fist to Control Haze to Win the Blue Sky Defense War (2018-2020)" and "Shaanxi Province Iron Fist to Control Haze" Winning the blue sky defense battle in 2018 work points.

Return the people to the blue sky and white clouds

At the National Conference on Ecological Environment Protection, Xi Jinping emphasized that we must resolutely fight pollution prevention and control and promote the construction of ecological civilization to a new level.
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