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Summing up experience and innovating development--Henan Special Cement Association held a symposium in our company

On June 6, 2020, Henan Special Cement Association held a special cement innovation and development work symposium in Zhengzhou Wanglou Cement Industry Co., Ltd. Nearly 20 members of the association participated in this meeting.

Love is arranging wings for dreams, youth set sail with hope-Wanglou Cement, donating to school

On August 23, 2020, the sunshine was exceptionally warm. Zhengzhou Wanglou Cement Industry Co., Ltd. launched a donation activity of "Love to help dreams, youth set sail with hope" to encourage them to cherish the hard-won learning environment. Cherish the precious years of youth, with the spirit of hard work and self-motivation, learn knowledge, master skills, and increase talents, for the future of the motherland to be more glorious, for the better tomorrow of the hometown, and to write the chapter of youth.

The work summary meeting will be held in August 2020!

On August 28, 2020, our company’s August work summary meeting was held in the company’s staff auditorium. The purpose of this meeting was to summarize the experience and lessons of this month’s work, formulate a September work plan, and clarify future development goals. General manager Lang Chenfang presided over this All employees of the company attended this meeting.

Warmly celebrate the opening of our new website run it!

Warmly celebrate the opening of our new website run it!

Wang F, Zhengzhou City Cement Industry Co., Ltd. together old and new customers for a better tomorrow!

I will always take the "high-quality products, reasonable price, perfect service" for business purposes to win the trust of customers, warmly welcome customers and friends to visit my company to discuss cooperation and seek common development of the industry.
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