White (high-strength) fast hard aluminum sulphur
  • White (high-strength) fast hard aluminum sulphur

White (high-strength) fast hard aluminum sulphur

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Wanglou Cement



White (high strength) fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement

Comparison of physical properties of CA-70 calcium aluminate cement, 52.5 white Portland cement and 52.5 white sulphoaluminate cement:

Contrast test of white cement

Sample name Hunter Whiteness Setting time (minutes) Flexural strength (MPa) Compressive strength (MPa)
First time Final set 12h 1d 3d 7d 12h 1d 3d 7d
CA-70Calcium aluminate cement 45.2 5 6 4.0  5.6 6.2 7.4 15.3 31.3 38.1 46.3
52.5White portland cement 75.3 130 183 5.0  6.6 9.4 10.8 17.3 29.7 43.3 54.2
52.5White sulphoaluminate cement 80.2 8 21 3.1  5.8 8.6 11.1 17.5 33.5 46 58.6

Data source: Zhengzhou Wanglou Cement Industry Co., Ltd. Quality Inspection Center

1, composition

This product is made of high-quality sulphoaluminate clinker as the base material, supplemented by coagulant, polymer materials, and whitening materials through modern scientific technology.

2. Normative references

GB20472-2006 sulphoaluminate cement

GB12573-2008 cement sampling method

GB9774-2002 cement packaging bag

GB/T2419-2005 Cement mortar fluidity determination method

GB/T17671-1999 Cement mortar strength determination method

GB/T1346-2001 Cement standard consistency water consumption and setting time determination method

JC/T313-1982 (1996) Expansive cement expansion rate inspection method

GB/T2015-2005 white Portland cement

3. performance and characteristics

1. Early strength, fast hardening, high whiteness, 1h strength up to 15MPa

2. Micro expansion, low alkalinity, no radioactivity, no corrosion

3. Setting time and whiteness are adjusted according to customer requirements

4. Adjustable color

4.technical indicators

1. Meet GB20472-2006, GB/T2015-005 standard requirements

2. Hunter whiteness over 90

3. Adjustable setting time

4. The specific surface area is not less than 400m²/kg

5. PH value is not more than 11.5

6.28 days free expansion rate 0.00-0.15%

7. Strength grades are divided into 32.5/42.5/52.5/62.5 four strength grades with 3d compressive strength

5. Packaging and transportation

25-50kg per bag, sealed and stored in a dry environment, the shelf life is three months.

After opening the bag, use it up at one time. Don't use it after it gets wet and agglomerates.


is mainly used in the GRC industry, high-end architectural jewelry, colored cultural stones, carving crafts, urban garden products, interior and exterior wall products, and various high-end porcelain sanitary ware.

7.matters needing attention

1. Do not mix with other types of cement;

2. Do not use other admixtures at will without testing;

3. After demolding, it can be cured with water only after the strength has developed to a certain level. It is best to use film for curing.