Love is arranging wings for dreams, youth set sail with hope-Wanglou Cement, donating to school


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On August 23, 2020, the sunshine was exceptionally warm. Zhengzhou Wanglou Cement Industry Co., Ltd. launched a donation activity of "Love to help dreams, youth set sail with hope" to encourage them to cherish the hard-won learning environment. Cherish the precious years of youth, with the spirit of hard work and self-motivation, learn knowledge, master skills, and increase talents, for the future of the motherland to be more glorious, for the better tomorrow of the hometown, and to write the chapter of youth.

A drop of water can reflect the brilliance of the sun, and a love is enough to reflect the warmth of society. Loving support is a beautiful emotion, but also a broad mind. Love is holy because of care; the heart is eternal because of gratitude. Give someone a rose, the hand has a lingering fragrance, give love, and reap hope.