I'm the one for epidemic prevention Love and health Accompany


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This April is the 32nd "Patriotic Health Month". After this new crown pneumonia epidemic, the importance of health and hygiene work has been further demonstrated. For this reason, the company cooperated with the Provincial Safety and Health Commission to hire experts and teachers to come to the company to carry out the "epidemic prevention. The publicity and education activities with the theme of "Going with Health" were reasonably arranged by the various departments of the company. Under the condition of ensuring normal production, all cadres and employees participated in the staff auditorium on time at 9 am on April 14.

This lecture was vivid and easy to understand. The cadres and employees on the spot listened carefully. During the lecture, Mr. Hu interacted with the employees and put forward health knowledge questions and answers. The employees spoke enthusiastically and offered health consultations on the prevention of their own diseases and chronic diseases. Through the lectures, the cadres and employees have improved their awareness of disease prevention, mastered good health care knowledge, and achieved the expected goals of health education.

I'm the one for epidemic prevention Love and health Accompany