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White (high strength) fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement


White (high-strength) fast hard aluminum sulphur


Water glass type-acid resistant special cement

Water glass type acid-resistant cement is a kind of powdery material made by using high-grade acid-resistant materials and hardeners to grind together or separately in an appropriate proportion. It can be widely used in the lining and foundation of anticorrosive equipment that is acidic after partial hydrolysis of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and other salts. Equipment for lining of acid-resistant ceramic slabs, caulking materials for buildings and acid-resistant anticorrosive layers (ground surface, pool, tank, acid drainage ditch) and cementing materials of buildings, and can also be used to prepare acid-resistant mortar and acid-resistant concrete.

ZWSA double fast special cement

ZWSA dual fast cement is a new technical product developed by our company's technical staff under the guidance of experts from the China Academy of Building Materials Science. Its characteristics are short setting time, fast hardness, 3 hours strength not less than 20MPa, strong adhesion to the base layer, no shrinkage, no fall off, and maintain the late strength without shrinking. Mainly to meet the needs of construction projects such as emergency repair, anchoring and preparation of grouting material, and anchoring and spraying materials.

ZWSA new anchoring agent

The new ZWSA anchoring agent is a new technical product developed by experts from the China Academy of Building Materials Science and our company’s technicians. This product is mainly mixed with fine sand to prepare anchoring mortar, which is used to anchor various mines, roadways, air defenses, concrete caverns, railways, highway tunnels and various underground engineering spray anchor support, foundation reinforcement, anchoring, construction anchors and others Places that need anchorage and rescue works, etc. The anchoring mortar can obtain ideal bonding strength in a short time, and the later strength continues to increase, and it has good water resistance and micro-swelling properties. All performance indicators are better than the potting materials currently used in the market. It is a new ideal building material that integrates anchoring and shotcreting functions.

Special masterbatch for admixture—calcium sulfoaluminate CAS

Calcium sulfoaluminate CAS powder (lumps) is a new type of intermediate product in the building materials industry developed under the strong support of relevant experts from the National Building Materials Academy. It can not only be used to produce special cement, but also use its special properties such as early strength, early setting, micro expansion, low alkalinity, non-shrinkage, etc., to produce various types of high-quality grouting materials, repair materials, anchoring agents, expansion agents and preparations Waterproof, leak-stopping, early strength and other special engineering materials.

ZWSA high efficiency plugging agent

ZWSA high-efficiency plugging agent is the latest technological product developed under the guidance of relevant experts from the China Academy of Building Materials Science. It is characterized by extremely short setting time interval, rapid heat generation after final setting, and strength, 15min strength not less than 12MPa, lh strength not less than 24MPa, can work with water, and quickly stop water and leak, and the construction is simple, and the base layer Strong adhesion, no shrinkage, no falling off, can be widely used in housing, underground, underwater, tunnels and other projects for leak stoppage, emergency repair, irrigation, etc.

ZWSA non-shrink high-strength grouting material

ZWSA non-shrinkage high-strength grouting material is a hydraulic dry-mix mortar developed under the guidance of foreign experts in special engineering materials and relevant experts of the National Building Materials Institute, relying on the resource advantages of our factory. It not only has ultra-high flow value, but also has high early strength, no shrinkage, strong adhesion, and good fire resistance. It has unique advantages in increasing the overall stability of the fixed body, improving its anti-mixing and fire resistance. ZWSA non-shrinkage high-strength grouting material is currently at the leading level in domestic and even international technical indicators.
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